Course Creator Academy

Eliminate Your Video Learning Curve!

Whether you’re new to the course video creation process, or have been doing it for a while now, this training series will help you maximize your time and energy, get more done and create better results.

Course Creator Academy

What You Need to Know

Course Types

Knowing the different course types, and why you need to approach their creation process differently, will save you time and money.

Course Structure

Understanding how AccessAlly structures a course will help you plan your lessons faster, and with less headaches.

Scripting or Not

Learn when to use scripting and when not to, why they are both important, and will improve your communication skills.

Video Structure

If you understand the anatomy of a video before you start, then you can make better decisions on what your content should be.

Locations to Shoot

You can shoot video just about anywhere these days, but there are some key things to be aware of before you spend your time and money.

Tripods & Sliders

Tripods are a must, Sliders are optional…or are they?

Video Cameras

Yes, you can use your phone to make great video, and here’s how to get the best out of it!


Probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll need, and why it will “make-it” or “break-it”.

Teleprompter or Not

There are times when you need it and when you don’t. Learn when and how to best utilize this amazing tool to help you get through your scripts, without looking like you’re reading it.


Affordable, easy to setup, learn how to light for any location, so you look your best.


Natural backgrounds, artificial backgrounds, and green-screen, not as complicated as you might think.

Shooting Video

Planning, setup, practicing, and shooting. All you need to know to make it look great.

Shooting B-roll

Spice up your videos by adding B-roll shots, keep your students engaged!

Drone Footage

Get that cinematic look that everyone has come to expect from professionals.

Editing Video

This is where the magic happens, turning ok footage into a spectacular video!

Music or Not

There are times when music in a video is important, and times when it should never be used. Do you know when and how to use it?

Audio Corrections

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, an unexpected noise will be in the middle of your best recording, and you don’t want to have to re-record the whole thing, so now what?

Color Corrections

Shot your video in multiple locations and the lighting doesn’t match?

Intro, Lower Thirds, Outro

Having your branding on all your videos, is so important for recognition and building trust.

Motion Graphics

The use of bullet point slide-ins helps with information retention for your students. Adding other types of animations sprinkled throughout your videos keeps them engaged.

Output File Formats & Sizes

Do you understand the different output file types and sizes that are used for your website, facebook, twitter, your blog post, etc.?


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Course Creator Academy


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