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Welcome AccessAlly & ConvertKit Users!

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, or frustrated trying to get your membership site or course site working? Are the ConvertKit automations driving you crazy?

Whether you need a little help, or a lot, or you’d just like it done for you, I’m here for you!

Hi, my name is Ramona. I’m ConvertKit savvy, AccessAlly certified, and I’d like to help make your membership site or course site look great, work flawlessly, and be something you can show with pride.

Video Editing Service

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Video Editing & "Oops" Fixing

We professionally edit your course video footage, adding in your B-roll, and cutting out those little oops moments.

Audio & Color Correcting

Did an unexpected noise happen in the middle of your best course recording? Are the video colors a little “off”? Is your voice being overrun by the music? We can eliminate the vast majority of the audio imperfections, adjust the volume, and improve the overall color.

Intro, Lower Thirds, Outro

Add an animated logo intro, lower thirds, and an outro to help brand your course videos and make them look professional.

Motion Graphics

Keep your course interesting, and improve data retention by adding bullet point “slide-ins” (other actions available too), and other pertinent animations at key points in your videos.

Professional Video

Engage Your Students

For you and your business, video builds trust and creates a personal connection with your students. It appeals to their needs in a real and authentic way, while adding your personality to your brand.

Video ignites emotions through its content, tone of voice, facial expressions, color, and music. Remember, people share emotions, not facts. Video is mobile friendly, and encourages social shares.

Course Creator Academy

Learn How to Shoot Course Videos

Course Types

Course Structure

Scripting or Not

Video Structure

Locations to Shoot

Tripods & Sliders

Video Cameras


Teleprompter or Not



Shooting Video

Shooting B-roll

Drone Footage

Editing Video

Music or Not

Audio Corrections

Color Corrections

Intro, Lower Thirds, Outro

Motion Graphics

Output File Formats & Sizes


Not that long ago, the advice was “just wing it – shoot video as a selfie, it doesn’t matter how bad it looks or sounds, just get it out there”.

But now that video is so prevalent, you need to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

Your videos now need to look and sound more professional, while keeping your personality, adding visual interest, keeping your content short and to the point…and ENGAGING!