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Helping your local business get found by people who are actively searching for your products & services.

Local Marketing Compass

We help your local business compete online by creating a custom digital marketing program which generates targeted local leads, and then nurtures those leads into sales for you.

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A Comprehensive Marketing Process

Having a compelling offer is great, bringing loads of traffic to your local business is highly desired, but it’s a complete waste if your business does not have a process to convert and nurture that response. Local Marketing Compass brings all the pieces together to make it easy for you to reap the benefits of a comprehensive local business marketing process.

Before We Start

Before any work for you can get done successfully, there is the work of finding out what that work is. We can do an analysis of your current situation, processes and infrastructure, as well as discovery of what you might want to add or improve.

A Strong Foundation

The success of any online marketing effort requires two major elements: first, a great offer and second, a process to capture and nurture the response to that offer. Ignore either and all is a waste.

Targeted Promotion

You have a great offer and your systems are ready for the leads, now what? How do you intersect with the people who are actively searching for your products & services? Our process brings them to you.

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We provide your local business with comprehensive insight and market analysis that no one can duplicate. Analysis reveals opportunities, supports decisions, and connects your inbound marketing strategy directly to your revenue.

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Get To Know Us

We’re an inbound local search marketing agency based in Las Vegas. Local Marketing Compass was founded by Jim & Ramona over many cups of coffee at their kitchen table from 2014 through 2016. What originated as a strategy to help them market products they were selling became Local Marketing Compass. Our goal is to help you, the local business, get found by people who are actively searching for your products or services using a combination of marketing strategies.


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Who We Are

A small team of very talented people with digital marketing roots as far back as the 90’s. We delight in giving personal attention to every client throughout our business relationships, so that everyone can flourish and prosper. Individually good and collectively great!

What We Do

Our sole purpose is to identify, target and attract highly qualified, profitable leads for your local business. We provide detailed reports that prove results, setting your mind at ease and freeing you to spend time suceeding at your business.

Why We Do It

Passion and love for helping local businesses reach their profit goals. We obsess over every detail, from the initial analysis, through the implementation, the follow up process and on-going day-to-day attention necessary to keep your marketing program running at the top of its game. Your success is our success!

Meet the Core Team

Put our experience to work for you!

Jim Anderton, Partner

Jim Anderton


Ramona Anderton, Partner

Ramona Anderton